Sunday Speakers

May 29 - Joel Afman
June 5 - James Busie
June 12 - Craig Cooper
June 19 - Darien Cooper
June 26 - Craig Cooper

  • Our Purpose

    Who is Relationship Church? Probably the best description is we are a band of passionate people on a journey of following Jesus. As a Church we supply 3 tools – Our Sun...

  • Our Passion

    Our Passion is Him. All journeys have a destination. Our’s is Jesus. Our desire is to hang around Him. Our reward is His presence! We started in relationship with Him in the...

  • Hear. Learn. Apply. Repeat.

    Hear. Learn. Apply. Repeat. This 4 word phrase is a simple way to sum up being a Jesus Follower. Hear His Voice. Learn His Ways. Apply what you hear and learn. Repeat. To Hear...