Who Are We?

We are a band of passionate people seeking to improve relationships – 1st with God, 2nd with others, and 3rd with ourself.

  • Relationship With God

    Our Passion is Him. We call it extravagantWORSHIP. We want to worship and walk with him 24/7. On Sundays we come together as a group in a service we call a Gathering to worship Him together. This is a time of building up our faith in God and worshipping Him together with others. Our worship style varies from week to […]

  • Relationship With Others

    Jesus loves people. We do too! One of our values is trueFAMILY. One of the biggest blessings is to walk together with other people in the journey of life. It makes life easier, maturity comes faster, and friendships are a gift from God. We want to experience family in our church in the same way that the […]

  • Relationship with Our Self

    Our goal is burningDISCIPLES! People who are disciplined followers of Jesus. We have created a journey of getting to know our self and why God created you to make us the disciple we all want to be. It has 4 parts or journeys and is best walked with someone who has walked it before. We call it […]