3 Relationships

Who is Relationship Church? Probably the best description is we are a band of passionate people seeking to improve relationships – first with God, second with others, and third with ourself.

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We supply 3 tools to help you in relationships. First, the Sunday Gathering service is primarily to get to know God better, small Groups are for getting to know others, and third we have a set of Growth tools to help you get to know yourself and to lead you to maturity.

We are on a journey of becoming whole people. It is a journey of relationship with Him and others. It is a journey where we love to have fellow sojourners to walk with.

That is why we are called Relationship Church.

Relationship with God – Gathering

We call our Sunday morning service a Gathering. This is a time of building up your faith in God and worshipping Him together with others. Our worship style varies from week to week. It can be very celebratory or deeply intimate as the Holy Spirit leads. It is our desire for you to encounter the Trinity during the service. Towards this goal, you may hear prayers; prophetic words; words of instruction; encouragement; and exhortation. The Gathering is also a good place to start getting acquainted with others. More Info…

Relationship with Others – Groups

Small groups are available for the family, men, and women. They are discussion oriented and are the place to start forming community with others. More info…

Relationship With Our Self – Growth Journey

The biggest part of our Growth tool is what we call the Growth Journey! It is a 4 part journey that you take with a mentor. It takes you through knowing Jesus, who you are, what your calling is, and how to exercise your calling in the world. Walking with a mentor one on one or in a small group maximum growth and maturity is obtained. In addition, you get a friend that cares and loves you. Our goal in meeting yourself is to find out the reason God created you – your purpose for live! More Info…

Summary of the 3 Tools and Their Place in Helping Relationships

KNOW God Others Our Self
PEOPLE FOCUS Acquaintances Community One-on-One
TEACHING FOCUS Lecture Discussion Individual
MINISTRY FOCUS General Detailed Learn to Minister