The kingdom progresses through relationships. We have made strong connections with people and ministries outside of our church that have been a blessing to us! These are relationships that we have heart connections with and not just gift connections. We have 3 special connections with other people and ministries.

Network – People who are ordained under Relationship Church but have their own ministry outside of Relationship Church.

Partners – People and organizations we are highly connected with and do Kingdom Ministry together

Associations – Other organizations in which we are members.

Here are some of these:

MFM LogoAssociation : MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries

MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries (MFM) was founded to provide an opportunity and an atmosphere for brethren to relate to one another in a real way. It is located in Charlotte, NC and is a part of Morningstar Ministries led by Rick Joyner. Our founder Craig Cooper is a ordained member of the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries. This gives us a connection and relationship with a very dynamic and prophetic ministry. Through MFM we are connected to over 600 members, numerous conferences, MorningStar University, and to the over 500 missionaries under MorningStar. For more information visit their website here: Morningstar Ministries
IMN-logoAssociation : International Ministries Network

International Ministries Network (IMN) is an apostolic network founded by Dr. Larry Cockerham of Living Word Church for equipping and releasing ministers worldwide based in Cleveland, TN. It is responsible for multiple Apostolic networks around the world. Our church is a member of IMN and Craig Cooper is a member of the board. For more Information visit their website here: International Ministries Network
Tom and Renee LungerNetwork : Christian Growth Fellowship

Tom and Renee Lunger are pastors of Christian Growth Fellowship in North Augusta, South Carolina. They have a dynamic prophetic ministry emphasizing hearing God and worship. They regularly minister at Relationship Church and Tom has traveled with Craig Cooper to other countries. They have been friends of the ministry for over 20 years.
Vaughn GortonNetwork : Vaughn Gorton - Zerubbabel Ministries

Vaughn Gorton has been a missionary to the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti for over 20 years and founder of Zerubbabel Ministries. Relationship Church has been connected with him in the DR for over 14 years. Vaughn has started 2 churches there in Santiago, DR and Baito, DR. His current assignment is helping train the leaders of the churches in New Generation International Ministries in the Barhona Province.
Network : International Ministry New Generation - Barhona Province, Dominican Republic

Ramon Cuello is the apostolic founder of International Ministry New Generation's 4 churches in Barhona Province. He has a gift for church planting and is actively pursuing planting churches all through this province! He has also started a new Hispanic church plant in Dalton, Georgia with his wife Mariloy.
Network : Sean Blockley - Northwest Georgia

Sean Blockley lives in Calhoun, Georgia with his wife Lois and 3 children. He is an apostolic worship leader with an evangelistic anointing. He was a worship leader at Relationship Church for many years and is now ministering in Northwest Georgia helping transition churches into deeper levels of worship. He has been used in many churches to bring a greater intimacy with Jesus.
Network : Joseph Phillips - Northwest Georgia

Joseph Phillips lives in Chatsworth, Georgia. He is an evangelist that was radically saved. He has a powerful testimony and message that moves people into relationship with Jesus. He is bold and passionate for his Lord!
Petkovi FamilyPartner : Lyubo & Tanya Petkovi - Messiah Church - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Messiah Church is located in Bulgaria and the Senior Leaders are Lyubo and Tanya Petkovi. They have two children – Soloman and Debra. The headquarters church is in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Messiah Church has churches throughout central Bulgaria and regularly goes into other countries spreading the Gospel. Our founder Craig Cooper has had the privilege of being on multiple trips overseas with Lyubo. He and his family have ministered at Relationship Church many times. For more information visit their website here: Messiah Church
Partner : John David & Sarah Kirby - Ft. Meyers, Florida, USA

John David is a Prophet with an emphasis in prophetic healing. He has been coming to Relationship Church for many years and has imparted strength, prophecy, and healing. They have traveled extensively bringing deliverance and healing in the USA, Caribbean, South America, and Europe.
Partner : James & Abiah Atheru - KAN International - Meru, Kenya

Kings Ambassador Network International is located in Kenya. It is led by Dr. James Atheru and his wife Abiah. The headquarters church is in Nciru, Kenya with churches all over central Kenya. KAN is doing an excellent work training up and raising up disciples. They offer a full education from kindergarten to a Phd in addition to vocational programs. He is currently running for governor of Meru State Kenya!

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Partner : Joel Afman - Moreila, Mexico

Joel Afman is an Assistant Pastor at Eternal Life Church in Moreila, Mexico. It is a part of the 80 church Apostolic Network Abundant Life Alliance. Joel has ministered at Relationship Church several times and has an anointing for inner healing, deliverance, and counseling. Many lives have been changed over the years by his ministry. He is a tremendous freedom fighter for the Kingdom.