Relationship with Our Self

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Our goal is burningDISCIPLES! People who are disciplined followers of Jesus. We have created a journey of getting to know our self and why God created you to make us the disciple we all want to be. It has 4 parts or journeys and is best walked with someone who has walked it before. We call it Relational Discipleship.

The 4 journeys take you through knowing Jesus, who you are, what your calling is, and how to exercise your calling in the world. Walking with another maximizes your growth and maturity is obtained. In addition, you get a friend that cares and loves you. The goal is to find God and the reason God created you – your purpose for life!

 White Ship Growth Journey - Small
You have a purpose. Finding and fulfilling your purpose is the greatest adventure one can have in this life. This is the goal of true Christian life. Nothing is more exciting than the Christian life, and few things are more boring than mere religion. You are called to have life and to have it in abundance…Every Christian has a calling and a mission. Most are called to fulfill them in everyday life situations in places such as business, the arts, government, media, the military, or other vocations, as well as in missions or the church. – Rick Joyner

The Growth Journey has 4 parts or travels : Encounter!, Disciple!, Minister! and LeadThese are four workbooks that are written simply but profoundly with labs and action steps. This journey is best made with someone else who has already done it. While you can do it on your own, you will learn more by walking with someone else. See your pastor or small group leader for how to sign up.

Encounter! leads you to knowing God better. Disciple! is about becoming a disciplined follower of our master Jesus. Minister! starts teaching you on how to minister to others. Lead! helps you find your purpose in life and then equips you to finish well!  We believe that : mentor + material = maturity.

Growth Journey Workbooks Overview

Growth Journey Workbooks