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3 Transitions Happening in the Church
Biblical Basis for Small Groups
Can You Lose Your Salvation
Fasting & What is a Daniel Fast?
Get Supernatural Power Through Humility
How to Handle Doctrinal Differences
How to Have a Strong Spirit
How to Know God’s Will
How We Planted Churches
Influencing Churches
Intimacy-Now & Forever
Make God Your Senior Business Partner
Next Steps for a New Believer!
Progression of God’s Truth on the Earth
The Growth Formula
The Original Commandment
What is the Anointing?
Where Does Evangelism Fit in?
Why Am I Burning (The 3rd Baptism)?
Why Tongues?
Why We Worship The Way We Do?
You Are an Abolitionist!

9 Spiritual Gifts

4 More Gifts to be Restored!
5 Steps for Praying for Healing
Prophesy! Training Course
Prophetic Guidelines at RC


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5-Fold Government

4 Characteristics of the Apostle
4 Characteristics of the Prophet
4 Warning Signs of False Prophets
Characteristics of the Apostolic Church
The Purpose of the 5 Fold Gifts is 5 Fold
The Temple Masons
What Does it Mean to be a Foundation Gift?


Moravian History in NorthWest Georgia
The Order of the Mustard Seed

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