Please also see the ‘Books and Articles’ page of the website. There are quite a few articles that may help you and answer any other questions. There are also audio messages if you want to listen to any of our teachings.
Q РWhere did Relationship Church come from?It was started in Dalton in 1995 by Craig & Susan Cooper and a few other adventurous souls. Craig & Susan spent 10 years in Augusta, GA helping to plant 2 churches there. They came to Dalton with the specific purpose to start Relationship Church. It is an independent self governing church. Even though it is independent, Craig is ordained under with the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministers led by Rick Joyner in Charlotte, NC. They provide advice and wisdom when asked but they are not directly responsible.Q РDo you have Shepherds, Elders, Deacons, etc.?

Yes. We are a group based church. The group leaders report to a group consisting of the Senior Leadership.

Q – Who teaches on Sunday morning?

We have multiple teachers during the month. In any given month you will hear teaching from the Pastor but also other capable ministers. We actually desire for there to be at least 2-3 different speakers each month. No one person fully understands the whole Bible. Each person tends to have an area that they have studied more than others. When we listen to a variety of speakers it gives us an fuller understanding of God and the Bible.

Q – Do you have a Praise Band?

Yes. Music is a big deal to us. We spend about 1 hour each Sunday morning in high energy praise music followed by about 1 hour of teaching and prayer ministry for those who want it. We make use of drums, guitars, keyboards, electric guitars, etc. The music is rock based. Our people are very involved with the music including raising of hands, banners, etc. You are free to worship God however you want. Some people are demonstrative and some sit quietly.

Q – What is the dress code?

The dress code is whatever you feel comfortable in. The typical dress you will find is blue jeans or something equally casual.

Q – Do you have classes for children on Sunday?

Yes. Our Sunday morning service starts at 10 and usually goes to around noon. After the worship, the children up to age 12 may go to a children’s program that is simultaneous with the teaching.

Q – Do you have a nursery? Yes.

Q – What do you teach about tithing or giving?

We believe in tithing but also give grace to those that believe it is an Old Testament practice and emphasize giving instead. We are comfortable with people that believe both. We do not have a separate offering time during the service. We have offering baskets at the front and back of the church. We pray over the offering but people give before, during, or after the service as they desire.

Q – How often do you partake in communion?

Communion is treated like the offering. There is a table with communion on it and you may walk up to the table and participate in it whenever you feel led.

Q – What does your church teach about speaking in tongues and healing?

We believe that all 9 of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12, which includes healing and speaking in tongues, are valid for today. We do not use them as a ‘badge’ of spirituality but we do believe people can ‘walk’ in them and do our best to teach them how to do it. We teach a Prophecy, Word of Knowledge, and Word of Wisdom class regularly to help people know how to walk with the Holy Spirit in this.

Q – What is the woman’s role in your services?

We believe in women ministering and teaching just like men. You will see women teaching from the pulpit and ministering in other ways. There is an PDF copy of a booklet called “Can Women Minister to Men?” on the Resources page outlining why we believe this is Biblical if you are interested.

Q – Do you believe in Deliverance and what do you mean by that word?

In Mark 16:17, the Lord instructed His disciples to drive out demons. We don’t seek after demons or make a big deal out of them. Just to let you know we don’t handle snakes or drink poison! We also don’t go seeking after demons. We don’t take an all or nothing position. We try to talk to people and ask lots of questions with much prayer and seek the Lord before praying deliverance for someone.

Q – How does one find salvation… what steps must they take?

We believe salvation is through repentance of our sins and recognizing that judgment for our sins is hell. Jesus died on the cross to pay for that judgment and if we will believe on Him then by that grace (goodness) we are saved. There are no works involved in salvation. We believe in water baptism but do not believe it is essential to salvation.

Q – What is the format like on Sunday morning?

The service starts at 10 AM with praise and worship music. There is a nursery provided for the babies and infants (up to 3 years old). All the rest of the children stay with their parents during the music time. The worship time generally lasts about 1 hour. After the music, the children are dismissed to their classes. The message is then given by the speaker and generally lasts about 45 minutes. There is usually a ministry and prayer time for people that desire it. This can last up to 15 minutes. It generally occurs after the message but sometimes takes place after the music.

Q – How do I become a member of Relationship Church?

We do not have official membership with a signup like many churches. We consider you a member when you are actively involved in the church and consider it your home. We have an email mailing list that is used for weekly announcements. If you would like to be put on this list, there is a signup form on the homepage of the website.