What to Expect?

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What Are Our Sunday Service Gatherings Like?

 Service Format and Times

Our church service is approximately 2 hours divided up as follows:

Worship for 45 minutes
Fellowship & Announcements for 10 minutes
Teaching for 45 minutes

Prophetic Worship

Our worship starts by blowing a ram’s horn called the shofar. The Shofar was used by ancient Jews in religious ceremonies and as a battle signal.

Prophetic worship is being Holy Spirit led. It is listening to what He is saying for a specific service and flowing with it. It is often spontaneous and will not always follow the words to the song being sung. We like this because Jesus is the head of the church and He will often lead us in a different direction through the Holy Spirit.

Communion Every Sunday

Feel free to take communion whenever you desire during worship. The communion table is to the right of the stage.

 Team Ministry

We believe it takes multiple gifts to produce a mature believer. So we have multiple Worship Leaders leading on any given Sunday. We also have multiple  Speakers during the month. Besides maturity, this also gives people a chance to be blessed by different people’s styles, emphasis, and messages.

Giving of Tithes & Offerings

We do not pass the offering plate.

Feel free to give whenever you desire into the brass containers by Auditorium door.

Children’s Ministry

Children Released After Worship

4-9 Year Olds – God Squad

Older Children Released on 2nd & 4th Sundays

10-14 Year Old Girls –
15-18 Year Old Girls – Trail Blazers
10-18 Year Old Boys – Pioneers